New and innovative impulses for the Flemish hinterland

  • Spoor Zeebrugge
  • Spoor Zeebrugge

Flanders has the ambition to become ‘thé logistic hub of Europe’. The seaports are therefore looking for new and innovative impulses to improve freight transport from and to the hinterland in an efficient and fluent way.

The Flemish authorities and the port authorities want to stimulate and support those impulses financially with this open request for projects aiming at:

 raising the efficiency of existing and new flows of maritime goods to, from and in the port;

 and/or achieving a modal shift from road to rail or barge, with a positive effect on environment-friendliness.


 Financial support for approximately twenty projects;

 Fluent flows of goods from the hinterland to (and in) the seaports and vice versa;

 Positive effect on the environment and/or a modal shift to rail/barge.


With this open request for proposals the Flemish authorities and the port authorities seek to encourage all parties involved in the choice of transport and to give them the opportunity to implement new, sustainable mobility solutions or make improvements to existing solutions for land-side transport of maritime freight.

The Flemish authorities and the port authorities propose to offer temporary financial support to approximately twenty projects that make the greatest contribution to meeting the above objectives. With this open request for proposals, potential candidates are invited to send a project proposal, at the latest by 27 November 2017 at 12h00, to and to the contact person of the concerned port.

More information about the contact persons, modalities and adjudication criteria in the following document:

Open request for proposals concerning hinterland connectivity


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