MBZ en APZI develop app for 'Havenbus' (port bus) service

  • Havenbus Zeebrugge

The 'havenbus' or port bus has been a reliable way of transport for work forces in the Zeebrugge port area since 2007, especially for those who work at places in the port which are difficult or impossible to reach by public transport. 

The reservation for a seat in the port bus has been an arrangement for the employer, but the port authority and the Association of Port of Zeebrugge Interests want to simplify the process. "We are developing an app to allow the port bus users to reserve their own seat. We will also include a payment option to complete the reservation with a transaction, either through the employer if they agree of through the bus user." Joachim Coens, CEO Port of Zeebrugge

"The app will be ready by May 2018" adds Guy Depauw, administrator-general of APZI . "The app will help make the port bus more accessible for everyone."

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