ICO signs concession for an additional 54 ha

  • Hanze Bastenaken Zeebrugge
  • Hanze Bastenaken Zeebrugge

International Car Operators (ICO) has signed a concession agreement with Port of Zeebrugge for a 54 ha expansion of the Bastenaken car terminal. The total surface of ICO will amount to 300 ha, allowing to handle 16 vessels simultaneously. The expansion will also allow ICO to connect the existing Hanze terminal with the Bastenaken terminal.

With the expansion, volume growth, its dedicated staff and the terminal’s unique location, ICO upholds its status as a world leading car handling terminal. Managing Director of ICO, Marc Adriansens, states that focus is also on creating a ‘green’ terminal (solar panels, windmills, clean electricity, cold ironing, etc.)


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