Construction new jetty and renovation of existing jetties in Brittania dock Zeebrugge

  • Pauline Zeebrugge

Construction works for a new jetty and the renovation of two existing jetties started this July at the Brittania dock in Zeebrugge’s outer port. The port authority appointed Artes Group to the construction works. With these infrastructural improvements, the port authority meets C.Ro Ports' expansion strategy.

The new jetties are to guarantee that CLdN’s newest vessels can be handled in Zeebrugge in the future. CLdN launched a business strategy in 2015 which included an expansion of the fleet. So far, 6 new vessels are under construction and 4 options have been taken.

Two of these new vessels will measure 235 meters in length and will be the largest shortsea roro vessels in the world. The first ship is to be delivered at the end of 2017 and it will deployed between Zeebrugge and the United Kingdom.

The construction works in the Brittania Dock are the result of the talks between the port authority and C.RO Ports/CLdN about their ambition to expand the activities in Zeebrugge and the expansion of the fleet. We wanted to meet C.RO Ports’ ambitions. The conclusions of these talks confirmed Zeebrugge’s role in the CLdN network and the ongoing growth in Zeebrugge as a roro hub. - Joachim Coens, CEO Port of Zeebrugge

C.RO Ports also signed an extra concession agreement with the port authority for a terminal at the northern side of the Albert II dock last year. New CLdN vessels of 211 meters will moor at that terminal in the future.

The construction works in the Brittania dock will be finished by the end of October.


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