AMP Terminals Zeebrugge
APM Terminals and Hong Kong-based COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited (“COSCO SHIPPING Ports”), a subsidiary of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited (“COSCO SHIPPING”), have reached more +
Seatrade Blue
On 28 August the ms Seatrade Blue, one of Seatrade’s Colour-class containerships, delivered a record shipment of Zespri kiwifruit from New Zealand to Zeebrugge. more +
On Saturday the 26th of August, the A11 motorway was officially inaugurated. The A11 construction was one of the largest road infrastructure works in more +
Innovatieve haven
APZI (Association of Port of Zeebrugge Interests) and Port of Zeebrugge have joined forces to develop a new innovative data platform “Rx/Seaport”. Representatives of more +
Pauline Zeebrugge
Construction works for a new jetty and the renovation of two existing jetties started this July at the Brittania dock in Zeebrugge’s outer port. more +
Since last month, a cargo train between Zeebrugge and Nancy is handled three times a week at C.Ro Ports Zeebrugge. The service aims at more +