About the port

The port is more than only a transport centre where there is solely place for economic activity. Zeebrugge cannot be detached from his environment. People and nature are designers of the port as well.

Zeebrugge can look back upon a stirring history and still today the port landscape appeals to one's imagination. Witnesses of this are the thousands visitors we may welcome every year again. Because images say more than words, this section offers you a view of the port by means of pictures and movies.

Port of zeebrugge: Vandammehuis | Isabellalaan 1 | B-8380 Zeebrugge | Belgium
Tel.: +32 (0)50 54 32 11 | fax: +32 (0)50 54 32 24 | E-mail: mbz@portofzeebrugge.be

Incidenten / Calamiteiten
Achterhaven en Brugge: 050 / 54.32.31 of VHF 68 | Voorhaven: 050 / 54.68.67 of VHF 71

Opmerkingen of suggesties over de haven van Brugge-Zeebrugge mogen gericht worden aan : ikmeld@zeebrugge.be