Overview of the port - Photo Luchtfotografie HenderyckxThe goods which are loaded and unloaded in the port are classified according to the type of cargo and the mode of handling. Zeebrugge is mainly a port for the handling of unit loads (containers, trailers and new cars). In addition large volumes of conventional cargo (fruit, wood pulp), high & heavy cargoes, natural gas and bulk loads transit in Zeebrugge where they are skillfully handled on specialised terminals. Zeebrugge is also a prominent fishing port and a growing passenger port.

Port of zeebrugge: Vandammehuis | Isabellalaan 1 | B-8380 Zeebrugge | Belgium
Tel.: +32 (0)50 54 32 11 | fax: +32 (0)50 54 32 24 | E-mail:

Incidenten / Calamiteiten
Achterhaven en Brugge: 050 / 54.32.31 of VHF 68 | Voorhaven: 050 / 54.68.67 of VHF 71

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